Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday, 18th April 2014

Yay!!! It is the day of the Lords death....Good Friday. Thou shalt be good and eat all the good stuff-ees thy mouth can find on Good Fridays. Yh! It is the second to the last commandment in one book like that (I owe you a gift if you can tell me the title of that book!)
Few minutes to 9am: Already on the road headed to work (Work??! On Holidays??!....I know right....I am highly hardworking lol....*yimu*).
Mopped up my code modules till a little past 4pm. Anticipated mails or calls from that logistics company and the helicopter people the whole day.....argh...None!!! (Philippians 4:16 has been popping into my mind even though I've not been using it.... Lord help me!!!)
4.09pm: Outta the office, headed to the gym.... Changed my mind about the gym on the road, took a detour home. (Fast forward) Dinner, bath.....blah blah blah. 9.52pm I wanna see the movie 'Battleship' on my phone and sleep off.