Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tuesday, 15th April 2014

Hi Diary!!
It's already 6:50 and I'm just waking up!!! Choi!!! I was dreaming off bliss almost totally forgetting my 9am interview at the logistics company today.
Rush! Rush!! Outta the house by 7.20am, got to the place 9.55am (that's come crazy lateness though I'm
usually an early bird, e just get as e be today).
The guy at the gate almost did not allow  me in, but I did anyways.
Interviews took the almost the whole day till it got to my turn by a little past 2pm.
Tough interview questions though, the panel drilled me like a nail through  wood but my confidence gauge rested in God. Favour spoke for me even when I hung at some point. I passed the interview to move to the next interview with the MD of the company (by the way....only three of us made the cut out of 24, I really bless God for His favours).
(Fast forward)
6.50pm: Finally met with the MD, we did take a liking to each other, he asked me really mundane of course I fielded. His final words to me which I grabbed were, "Be Humble, You'll go far in life" (I was a happy man). We were told we would be gotten across to before the weekend.
Met with Chris who was dejected at not making the second interview, I advised he go offer his services for free somewhere till he gets something that actually pays(It's usually a case of opportunity meets preparation). I was glad I could give him meaningful advice.
Got home a little past 10pm to a hot place of Beans and Garri (There is no other enjoyment after these lol :D)
Slept like a log. All planned nocturnal activities for today are cancelled.