Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, 14th April 2014

Hi Diary! 6.40am : Day starts, high expectations for my interview today.
Said my prayers, outta the house and headed to agege for my national ID card data capture.
(Fast forward)

Got to logistics company; saw Alaba, Bob, Frank n Kazim dr; wrote the test only for the interviews to be postponed to the next day due to impromptu company meeting(*sigh* not much money to be doing all this kain running around abeg!).
(Fast forward)
Had a quick crush on one slim beauty in the bus as I took a detour to the gym, that babe was naturally cute, d kind I wud wanna wake up to..... Lol. Hey! I don't do bus dates, sounds weird.
Got to Fitness Vision Gym and worked out my upper body to my hearts content (my abs especially, I love those stones).
(Fast forward)
Got home hungry.... No pain, No CHOW, No gain.... It's a good night to be alive and hungry..... Met rice, chicken and raw plantains (What more can I ask).
(Fast forward)
Broke mom's costly blood tonic while trying to pry the seal open..... The woman beef me gan o, even my Dad enter the matter... Lol
Napoleon Hills for the pains ds night!
Lovely day I tell you...