Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday, 16th April 2014

Hi Diary I woke up groggy today, went to work groggy, boss(SoftInvent) advised me to go home early as I wasn't frying the groundnut well....sorry! I meant I wasn't writing my codes optimally. Went home 4pm with my head filled with thoughts of shawarma(Yes!! b4 nko, guys sef dey shop shawarma na). Instead of
shawarma, I got me some puff-puff, carrots, a slice of pineapple and groundnuts(Garri for the pains). Took me some Garri and went to bed.... I was a tired man today. Hopefully, I'll be refreshed by tomorrow.
Today's Regrets: I didn't access my next level energies to get things done and no nocturnals today!