Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday, 13th April 2014

Hi diary!
4am : Woke up to NEPA lig...... Sorry! PHCN power to iron popsmans laundry for the week ahead and pump water alongside ( some kain multitasking tinz) till some minutes past six.
Lazied around thinking how nice it'd be to be a pilot ( that's some story for d nearest future). 8.20am Mayne! It's Sunday! (The boy's gotta be in Church :D). Ate some spag n tasted my younger brother's fried rice ( If I hear! Na peppered concoction toh badt). Bathed. Dressed. The rain threatened but didn't fall. Scurried to Church, met the summary of Sunday school. My funny friend Tobi whined me about how big my biceps are ( yh yh! I am a fitness geek, bite me!). Service started in earnest with the beautiful Anita taking the praise.
(Fast forward) Sermon : The Broad and Narrow Way
(Fast forward) I was singled out to be the youth president. Huh? Me? Me wey no dey come shosh regular - regular. Dem say na me go shop the post o! Na im I begin reason ow I go tk do the thing but I believe God's got a plan for letting it happen.
Church closed
(Fast forward) Home sweet home
(Fast forward). Ate me some bread, butter and rice together. That was lunch (whoever does that? Me! Ain't that obvious? o.O) * sumptuous * * smacking lips * .
Took a short nap then tried calling dieko whom I've not spoken to or seen in over a year and a half (call didn't go through tho). Chatted with mon cheriês and homies on BBM (You gotta have my kind of friends, we don't drink beer only H2O).
(Fast forward) Prepared for a job test and interview at a logistics company slated for tomorrow ( I dey find job gan o!.... Need the experience).
(Fast forward) Made chicken soup n okro for the pains ( Na! It was for the family.... btw, I dey cook pieces..... Took after my Dad, d main kitchen badoo after my mum that is lol).
(Fast forward) Took a lie down to type this...... That was when wheat and chicken soup came in and I couldn't think straight no more (If I hear, I was savouring the taste of chicken n okro..... Did I hear someone say Yas Boss!? LOL ).
9.34pm: Gonna read further into Napoleon Hill's book Think n Grow Rich tonight.
Ps: My nocturnal activities are no biz of urs. Yes!
Cheers Diary!